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  • ZZ-30 Glitter Acrylic Gel 30ml

    ZZ-30 Glitter Acrylic Gel 30ml

    Pearlescent and delicate, with moderate consistency, good adhesion, easy to fill in hoses, high hardness, and easy to shape


  • ZZ-30 Acrylic Gel 30ml 98S

    ZZ-30 Acrylic Gel 30ml 98S

    Out of stock

    Ultra-high hardness, colloid with crystal effect, quick building, easy operation, no need for nail form.

    Out of stock

    $1.20 - $1.28

  • SJ-0 Poly Gel (standard 6S)

    SJ-0 Poly Gel (standard 6S)

    Painless extension, paperless support extension, full color,High hardness, not easy to break, and high viscosityEasy to operate and shape, available in multiple colors and styles. The glue is smooth and easy to push apart, making it easy to polishPackaging available: 1kg/5kg/20kg


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