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  • Nailway NEON Disco polish gel & NW-ND 16 colors

    Nailway NEON Disco polish gel & NW-ND 16 colors

    Nailway NEON Disco polish gel & NW-ND is a stunning and limitless holographic shine of fantastic colored shimmer! 16 summer shades. The deep shine of the reflective pigment is enhanced by a scattering of holographic tints that create enchanting iridescent tints. In the light of day - a delicate lilac coating, and in the evening, with a camera flash or directional lighting, it creates a radiance brighter than the stars! Can be used in various design techniques: from a single-color elegant nail art to an accent jacket or manicure with expressive decor. Gel polish is part of a three-phase system. Remains plastic after polymerization. Has a residual sticky layer. It is distinguished by the absence of a pungent odor, which is why working with the product will not cause discomfort for the master and the client. It has a balanced consistency with a high content of decorative inclusions that do not bulge when applied. It's  a true embodiment of elegance and uniqueness of shimmer in one bottle! If you follow the application technology, the durability of the manicure will be up to 4 weeks.


  • Cat Eye Builder Gel


  • YC-9 Builder Liquid

    YC-9 Builder Liquid

    Features: YC-9 has the same viscosity and hardness as YC-7. Different colors are available for multiple choices. No need to color gel polish1. Not hot to touch2. No need for nail patches3. No need for base color4. Easy to operate5. Quickly extend, no need for phototherapy pen, just use a brush 1.твердый 2. не печет 3. без усадки4. цветный и полигель с шиммером 5. легко наносить , самостоятельного покрытия بدون نیاز به رنگ ژل لاک1. برای لمس گرم نیست2. بدون نیاز به چسب ناخن3. بدون نیاز به رنگ پایه4. آسان برای کار5. به سرعت گسترش دهید، بدون نیاز به قلم فتوتراپی، فقط از یک برس استفاده کنید


  • Nailway Rainbow Mirror Gel

    Nailway Rainbow Mirror Gel

    Features:The metallic texture is strong, the density of fine glitter powder is high, and the colorful silver mirror has outstanding characteristics. The biggest difference from the colorful silver mirror metal glue on the market is that the high-density colorful silver mirror is more colorful and not darker than ordinary colors.


  • Nailway Egg And Sugars Glitter Gel Polish

    Nailway Egg And Sugars Glitter Gel Polish

    Features:1. Glitter gel polish with eggshell pattern, fresh and sweet color2. Apply once to get a translucent and cool feeling, and apply twice to get a solid color and saturation. Switch the thickness of the application according to the customer's preference and the effect will be different. Гель лак с маленьким клочком  , цвет очень свежий , если наносить 1-ый слой  , получаете полупрозрачный эффект , если 2-ой слоя , то получать насыщенный цвет .Вы можете создать разный эффект в соответствии , будет невероятный сюрприз! 1. لاک ژل براق با طرح پوسته تخم مرغ، رنگ تازه و شیرین2. یک بار استفاده کنید تا حس شفاف و خنکی به دست آورید و دوبار بزنید تا یک رنگ و اشباع شود. ضخامت برنامه را با توجه به ترجیح مشتری تغییر دهید و اثر متفاوت خواهد بود.


  • ZZ-30 Acrylic Gel 30ml


  • Naiway Color Plate

    Naiway Color Plate

    10 in stock

    10 in stock


  • YC-7G Сamouflage builder liquid with the glitter

    YC-7G Сamouflage builder liquid with the glitter

    1. Not hot2. Nail tip free3. No background color required4. Easy to operate5. Fast extension6. With the glitter 


  • SH-4 brocade building gel

    10 in stock


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